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  • Offer
    There you are… Pulling into the driveway thinking… We found it. The house you’ve been looking for. Just the right about …Continue reading →
  • The Difference Between Losses & Lessons
    The difference between Losses and Lessons is just the letter “N”. It is the difference of turning inexperience into experience. …Continue reading →
  • Home Buying 101 / Bulletpoint Crashcourse
    I’m proud to say my little sister is purchasing her first home! It’s in Oregon so I can’t help her …Continue reading →
  • My Mortgage Was Too High…
    …So I decided to bring it down. I know some of you are probably thinking great work James, you just …Continue reading →
  • Repetition Builds Reputation
    I tell ya that fella’s One hell of a seller When the moment approaches You’ll see He’s Down for whatever …Continue reading →
  • Applied Advice and Setting Yourself Apart
    In the wide world of Real Estate you’ll hear variations of consistent advice. Some of which includes “In sales, you …Continue reading →
  • Call 4 Backup
    A friend and past client contacts me to sell their town home; which happens to also be located in the …Continue reading →
  • Las Vegas 2017 Home Buyer Tips and Insight
    As many of you know, The era of the NFL “Las Vegas Raiders” is soon upon us following the addition …Continue reading →
  • Happy New Year – Fight For That “Yes!”
    I’ve seen the world in many Lights. Some may even consider them shades of Gray. (No there’s not 50 of …Continue reading →
  • Metaphors and Misconceptions
    ——- Metaphors and Misconceptions——- – One of the biggest misconceptions in the Real Estate Industry is that because you are …Continue reading →